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14 Coldest Cities in the World

Snow and cold, especially during the winter months, can be quite hard to handle. However, some cities in the world are characterized by cold throughout the year, with the annual average temperature seldom going over 40 degrees F. During the winter months, these cities experience subzero temperatures, something that residents of these regions have become accustomed to.
If you are thinking of touring the coldest cities in the world, here is a detailed overview of the 15 cities to visit.

Utqiaġvik, Alaska

Before 2016, the name of this city was Barrow, and it experiences extreme cold since the sun doesn’t rise for 24 hours between mid-November to mid-January. It is situated 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and the 4,000 residents of this town have to deal with temperature levels that fall below 0 degrees F.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Located 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Yellowknife is the Northwest Territories capital and the coldest of all cities in Canada. This city experiences the coldest winter throughout the year, characterized by extended snow cover and extreme windchill. If you are an adventurer, this city is a perfect destination as it boasts a broad range of activities, including seeing the northern lights, snowmobiling, and dog-sledding.

Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia

This Russian city, with over 20,000 residents, is among the most northern towns across the globe. In January, the average daily highest temperature is minus 12 degrees F, whereas the least temperature is minus 28 degrees. The extreme winter conditions in this town are so harsh that sections of the city froze over after a strong winter storm swept through this region.

Hell, Norway

The small city of Hell, Norway, is without a doubt a freezing hell literally. This extreme cold temperature, coupled with its unique name, has made this town with slightly more than 1,500 residents a popular touring destination. The average temperature in this city in winter averages minus 13 degrees F.

Harbin, Heilongjiang, China

Harbin city has more than 10 million residents and is the capital of the Heilongjiang province situated in the northeastern part of China. The cold winter temperatures experienced in this town have made it known as “ice city” where the Hardin International Snow and Ice Festival is hosted. In January, the temperatures range from minus 8 to minus 12 degrees F.

Erzurum, Turkey

The city of Erzurum located on the eastern side of Turkey is surrounded by mountains and is usually sunny and warm during summer but don’t go over 20 degrees F. However, the winter temperatures frequently fall below 0 degrees F making this town freezing cold.

Snag, Yukon, Canada

The city of Snag in Yukon recorded the lowest temperature ever in Canada’s history on Feb 3, 1947, with temperatures falling below minus 81 degrees F. Nonetheless, this town is typically not as cold. The average low is minus 27 F, but in January, the average high temperature is minus 7 degrees F.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Located over 4,430 above the seal level, Ulaanbaatar is the coldest capital city in the world. It also experiences extreme temperatures with the winter recording lows of minus 44 degrees F while summer records highs of 102 degrees F. This town is home to the vibrant cultural sites, including modern art galleries and Tibetan-designed Buddhists temples.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The province of Manitoba’s capital is Winnipeg, which is home to over 750,000 persons. Temperatures in February 2019 fell below minus 27 degrees with this the coldest winter experienced ever in Winnipeg. This city is also considered to be among the coldest towns in North America, with the average temperature in January being around minus 5 degrees F.

Fairbanks, Alaska

This city records an average low of minus 6 degrees F to minus 17 F and an average high of below 15 degrees F between November and February. In this city, the northern lights are visible, making it a favorite tourist destination.

International Falls, Minnesota, United States

The city of International Falls is home to more than 6,000 locals, and it is considered the “Icebox of the Nation.” Winter temperatures can reach as low as minus 55 degrees F, and this town has played host to the Icebox Days Winter Festival. Some exciting activities you can do in this town include toilet seat tossing and smooth racing.

Nursultan, Kazakhstan

Formerly called Astana, the city of Nursultan is the capital of Kazakhstan. It is the second coldest capital across the globe, with the recorded temperatures in winter being low single digits. The average temperature between January and February is about 4 degrees F.

Oymyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia

The temperatures in this town during winter fall to about minus 58 degrees F, making it the world’s coldest inhabitable city with a population of 500. In January 2018, the temperatures fell further to minus 88 degrees F, which still didn’t break the previous record set in 1924 when the temperature reached a low of minus 96.16 degrees F.

Golmud, Haixi, Qinghai, China

The city of Golmud records as low as minus 28 degrees F during winter and the average temperature is 40 degrees F. South of this city is the region of Tibet which is usually referred to as “the roof of the world “due to the presence of towering peaks such as the Himalayas.

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