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A bit of Bocas Town

Bocas Town is the provincial capital of Bocas Del Toro province in Panama. The term Bocas del Toro is Spanish for “bull’s mouth” and is a tourist marvel travel destination. 

Bocas Town has a population of about 7,000 inhabitants. However, most people from Bocas only work in, but don’t live in, the town. Here you get to experience a tropical rainforest climate with a high amount of precipitation throughout the year and no predictable dry season. 

To get to Bocas Town, there are a variety of options to choose from. You could decide to take an adventurous bus and boat ride from Costa Rica and cross the border. Another option would be to travel by bus, followed boat ride, from Panama City. A third option would be to book a flight to “Isla colon” international airport and then connect by road to Bocas Town.

The Latin town of Bocas is a town full of pomp and vibrant colors, with so many vendors selling souvenirs and t-shirts along the streets. They’re friendly, cheerful, hospitable people with warm faces and welcoming personalities. The food is also exquisite, with a variety of cuisines to choose from. Such include the Osiros grill featuring sizzling beef, ribs, and jerk chicken, or the waterside dining at the El Ultimo Refugio that serves a variety of seafood.

There’s also a lot of things to do in Bocas Town, beginning with admiring the town’s ancient Spanish architecture. The ocean provides ample opportunity to scuba dive and to enjoy the variety of sea animal and plants. The beach also offers fantastic conditions for surfing. For the more laid back personalities, you could take a yacht and hop from island to island in the archipelagos and along the way do some sport fishing.

Definitely a hidden gem, Bocas Town is one place you should consider traveling to. 

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