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I miss traveling. I know there are many of you out there that are itching to travel again as well. While watching YouTube I came across a packing hacks video and thought to myself, Maybe I should share some packing tips too? I bet the readers of World Tourism would like to see some tips. They could learn something new or perhaps they’re doing the exact same things that I do! 

If you’re not taking a flight on a plane then some of these tips may not apply… but still, you may learn something or come up with ideas for the next time you have to pack!

First off, make a list of all the things you want to take with you, noting how many days you are going to be gone (including travel days). You’ll want to make sure you take enough clothing for the number of days you’re gone.

Plan your outfits in advance and be sure to bring versatile clothing. You probably don’t want to bring 7 different bottoms and 7 different tops, to go with the at least 7 pairs of socks and underwear you’ll need for your 7 day trip – that’s just a LOT of clothing, some which might not even get worn. Some shirts are reversable, so that counts for 2 shirts! You can also bring layering pieces to change up your look. Choose lightweight clothing and bring a few layers.

Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. Rolling whole outfits together is more practical and saves you from the trouble of figuring out which top goes with which bottoms. Rolling clothes saves a lot of space in your bag and you can keep clothes somewhat wrinkle-free if you roll them properly.

Wear layers during your flight. We talked about layers earlier when planning your outfit, but it makes perfect sense to save suitcase space by actually wearing layers on your flight. You can take the extra sweater or jacket off on the plane and use it to cover up with if it’s a bit chilly, or you can put the extra clothes in your carryon bag.

Packing cubes! These will help your suitcase to be more organized and makes it easier to find things when you land and want to unpack your suitcase.

Pack a few items of clothing in your partner’s bag and in your carry on. This is probably one of the most important tips I have – if you’re traveling with someone else (friend, spouse, partner) then be sure to put at least one outfit with their suitcase AND one outfit in your carryon bag. My dear friends went on a cruise last summer and while all of his luggage showed up as expected, her bag was nowhere to be found. Luckily they had 36 hours in London before moving on to the next city to board the cruise ship and the airline was able to locate her bag… but she was miserable knowing she only had the clothes she was wearing and the fear of not knowing when her bag was going to show up again – if at all.

Heavy items at the bottom of your suitcase. This makes sense if your suitcase has wheels or if you’re carrying it vertically.  You want to put the heavier items (shoes, etc) at the bottom of the suitcase at the wheels so when you stand the suitcase upright, those items won’t crush everything beneath it. 

Put dirty shoes in a shower cap. Speaking of shoes, when is the last time you looked at the bottom of your shoes?  It’s kind of gross, to be honest.  Many people use the shower cap trick, just get an inexpensive shower cap from the dollar store, and put your shoes inside to cover the dirty bottoms, then you don’t have to worry about dirt getting all over your clean clothes.  Other people put their shoes in bags, which serves the same purpose of keeping things clean. 

Put things inside of your shoes!  There’s at least room for some jewelry or make up (or if your shoes aren’t smelly, why not put small clothing items like scarves, socks or underwear), sunglasses or phone chargers.  It’s more places to store things and less room taken up in your suitcase. Maximize space!

Fold cables properly and wrap cords. This simple act will save space in your bag and keep your cables safe from harm.  You can put these cords in a special case, a Ziploc bag, or use a rubber band or cable tie to keep them self-contained. 

Bring a power strip. If you’re traveling overseas you’ll need to make sure you also pack the proper adapter.  Bringing a power strip is a good idea because sometimes hotel rooms or hostels just don’t have enough outlets! (And who wants to bring that many adapters?)  Many power strips also have USB ports, making it easier to charge electronics.

Put jewelry in pill containers. For smaller jewelry like rings and earrings, sometimes bracelets and necklaces, you can get one of those weekly pill containers and put your small jewelry inside those compartments.  It keeps them safe and contained, while allowing you to know where all your jewelry is! 

String necklaces through a straw. If you’re not wearing all your jewelry (or putting it in the pill container like the tip above), and your necklace has a thin chain, use a straw and thread the chain through.  Clasp the necklace, and you can be certain it won’t easily tangle.

Put breakable items or bottles inside of Ziploc bags. If you’re carrying perfumes or hairspray or anything that’s large and potentially messy, put these items inside of Ziploc bags.  This way if it busts, it’s contained.  One more trick here, if you’re carrying bottles with removeable tops, add some plastic wrap between the bottle opening and the cap to contain the product. Make sure you are following all of the TSA’s rules for size limits.

Did you know that you can re-use the travel sized toothpaste tubes? Simply take one of the travel sized tubes and refill it from a larger tube of toothpaste.  This is actually a neat little trick!

Instead of carrying a large bottle of shampoo and conditioner, why not try a bar? This will also save you room in your liquids bag.

Put foundations and moisturizers in contact cases. Who knew you could use things for other purposes! Contact cases make great small containers for liquid foundation makeup and moisturizers, because you traditionally don’t need a large amount for the entire time you’ll be gone. 

Bring free makeup and skin care samples instead of big bulky makeup or skin care items. Additionally, you can go to stores like Sephora and get samples of make up and skin care products.  Why not just take those with you instead of your entire skin care and makeup routine?

Put a binder clip over your razor so it doesn’t cut or catch on anything. This was a nifty little trick I learned recently.  Binder clips are so small but versatile! Simply put one over your razor blade and fold the handles down, and your razor won’t accidentally cut the items in your toiletries bag or catch on anything.

Wrap hair straighteners or curling irons in an oven mitt. I’ve been doing this one for YEARS.  Oven mitt’s purpose is what? Handle hot items.  Let’s say you’re getting ready to leave for the airport but you don’t have enough time for your straightener to cool down.  Do you leave it and go without? NO!  Just grab an oven mitt and plop that straightener right inside.  (I wrap the cord around the outside to “lock it down” as much as possible.)  It should be OK to pack it with everything else and get you on the road to wait in the TSA lines…

We love the smell of dryer sheets.  While packing, add a dryer sheet to a Ziploc bag.  Place that in your suitcase.  When you’re at your hotel you can then take the dryer sheet and place it with your dirty clothes, which will make them at least smell a little better and won’t stink up your bag in a bad way!

Always pack your valuables in your carry on or personal item. This is the other MUST on the list.  Going back to #6 above, you want to make sure you have a change of clothes in your carryon / personal bag. But you also want to make sure you have ALL of the items you can’t live without with you at all times.  Medications, toiletries, electronics, WHATEVER you deem valuable – put it in your personal bag or carryon.  If you pack it in your suitcase there is no guarantee you will see that bag again.  If you have it with you, well, then you know where it is. 

Well, there you have it.  22 Packing Tips from World Tourism.  What are some of your favorite packing tips?

What do you think?

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