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Quick and Easy London Travel Guide

London with an average population of about nine million might not be one of the largest cities. However, it’s rich culturally, historically and much more. Whatever you’re after, be it attractive sceneries, historical sites. You will probably find it in London. It’s a diverse city with lots of exciting activities you can indulge yourself in. You should plan a visit to London if you’ve never been there. Below are reasons why you should travel to London this coming holiday.

A Variety of Attraction Sites

Because London has lots of attraction sites, don’t forget to come up with a bucket list. First and foremost on your list should be the Warner Bros Studio. This is perfect for those Harry Potter fans. Get to see in first-hand the costumes, the preps and how Warner Bros Studio brings Harry Porter to Life. Also visit platform 9 and 3/4, Hagrid’s hut, Prof. Dumbledore’s office and many other places.

Don’t forget to visit the queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace. Adore the well decorated and extravagant rooms. This year the palace will be open to tourists from July to September. Climb the Coca-Cola London eye and get to see lots of beautiful landmarks in London.

You should also book a tour with the Hop on hop off bus tour. It will take you through the best tourist sites in London such as the tower of London, the Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and much more.

Explore the marvellous Sea Life in London. Sea Life aquarium is home to a variety of species such as eels, clownfish, and even sharks. Learn more about the sea life. Relive the medieval times by visiting the tower of London. Learn about the exciting history of the royal palace. While we are still on historical sites, don’t forget to check out the Kensington Palace. It was once home to Queen Victoria.

Accommodation In London

Accommodation isn’t an issue in London. You can be guaranteed of finding the type of accommodation that suits you, whether you’re looking to stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel or a standard, pocket-friendly hotel apartments. The hotels are too many to a point it will be hard for you to choose one. You can find family rooms with a variety of children friendly activities. Or if you are looking for simple accommodation, you can get a cheap guest house.

The Food and Drinks

Never visit somewhere new and forget to explore their cuisine. The British cuisine is one of the best. There are lots of street food vendors selling tasty meals. Along the streets, there are lots of restaurants. London has also embraced lots of global food trends. Therefore you can explore other cuisines such as Thai foods. Find the best street foods in Exmouth or Borough market. Moreover, the locals love drinking (responsibly of course). There are at least 7000 pubs. Enjoy a good beer in the warm summer sunshine.

Watch a Game

Get to watch a live game at the Wembley stadium. Whether you’re a fan of Arsenal or lot, the England premier league features the best teams that are known worldwide. Book a ticket and watch Arsene Wenger do his thing. Other than that, you can also catch up a game at one of the local clubs.

Breathtaking Views

Once you’ve enjoyed London from the ground level, it’s advisable to go upwards and marvel at the beautiful landmarks and buildings. London has lots of places where you can enjoy a panoramic view. There are lots of romantic restaurants and bars located strategically at hilltops. You not only get to admire the view, but you will surely enjoy watching the sunsets. Or instead, you can board the Emirates Airlines cable car to have a tour of the city.

Finally, Shopping in London

London is the ideal place to go shopping. There are lots of luxury shops such as Harrods. There are also street markets such as Dover, where you can find and bargain for the best clothes, shoes and even jewellery. Most shopping centres are open 24 hours. You can, therefore, go shopping at any time of the day!

London is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It’s because of the variety of exciting things it has to offer. It’s never too late to plan a visit to London.

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